Sunday, June 13, 2010

Design Studio Project 3 - Model

The large window on the 1st floor give people a good street view.

Interior looking of the gallery. Some parts are slightly different from the drawing because the sectional cut affects the structure.

Overall view.

Design Studio 3 - Presentation board

It's an A2 poster used in final presentation. It's not in good quality because I used the ploter in our faculty building... I should have gone to a print shop...

Design Studio Project 3 - Plans & Section


Site with gallery footprint

1st Floor Plane

Ground Floor Plane

As seen from the planes, the gallery is designed to be two pentagons one on the other. Large
Blank walls are used to create the feeling of isolation - which indicates Polke's idea of "in his own world". A courtyard is placed near the entrance of the building as a main natural light source for the ground floor. The back of the ground floor, which is lack of natural light, has been used as the storage and a public resting area attahed with a small kitchen.
On the first floor, a wide gap is cut so there is a good communication between the 1st and ground floor. This gaps also enabled people to have a view of the courtyard. Sun light is difused and filtered when comig through the large window in the front and the gaps on the roof. Office, apartent and a kitchen are placed at the back of this floor. With another set of staircases behind the building, the artist can enter the storage and his apartment without go through the whole gallery.


1:50 plan to show the lighting features
1:50 section to sow the lighting features

Design Studio Project 3 - Studies carried out and several attempts

Design Studio Project 3 - Precedents

Sapphire Gallery / XTEN Architecture
The Saphire Gallery is a residential gallery addition to a private residente in Los Angeles, California. It is designed to display a private collection of contemporary art while also providing for a home office with views to the sorrounding hills.

Arctic Cultural Center / B.I.G Architecture
The 3 main programs - a theater, a concert hall and a cluster of rehearsal roos - are placed so they define a centrifugal public space tht connects the city to the water and the new harbour front promenade. The dancing studios are wedged between the 3 main programs with beautiful views to Hammerfest's scenic focal points: the mountains, the bay and the historical city. Light cracks between the floating dancing studios and the auditoria provide the public space with the feeling of being under water covered by big floating ice gaps.

Both of these two buildings show the great use of space communication and dynamic roof, especially the Arctic Cultural Center: with blank walls closing the building, a few curtain walls, windows, gaps on the roof and the small courtyard in the building center allow natural light to go into the building with no problem.Work together with the dynamic shape, the Arctic Cultural Center gains apure beauty from all these simple elements.

Design Studio Project 3 - Artist

"Sigmar Polke (13 February 1941 – 10 June 2010) is an artist whose work defies easy definitions. He is one of the most significant painters of the post-war generation, yet his career has by no means been confined to painting. Since the early 1960s Polke has experimented with a wide range of styles and subject matter, bringing together imagery from contradictory or unexpected sources, both historical and contemporary, and using a variety of different materials and techniques. In fact Polke’s artistic diversity, and his resistance to any form of categorisation, has been seen as the only consistent theme in his work. "

I chose him from a list of pop artists when I saw his painting "Fastest Gun in the West". With both innovative ideas from pop art and the restraining of German art. One of his idea became my script in designing his gallery:
"I live in my own world, but it's ok. They know me here"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Design Studio Project 2 - Models

I used balsa wood for the whole building, to achieve a feeling of loneliness and boredom. Newspaper as the site... actually I have thought about using butter paper but in the case of showing a little bit of the man's life in the city, I used newspaper as the fundation of the building. The main reason I want to use paper is, they can imitate the cliff perfectly.